1040 Tax Form with Refund Check and Cash

To assist you with your tax preparation, please visit 

https://clients.taxdeivas.com to create an account in our secure Client Portal.

Our Client Portal will help you gather all of your tax return data in one place to make filing easier. From there, you can electronically sign and date important documents, complete your tax organizer(s), send us secure messages that won't get lost in your email inbox, receive a video copy of your tax return review and even pay for your tax return all in one spot! We think it's pretty neat and we hope you do too.

Navigating Your Secure Client Portal

After you create your account and gain access to the Client Portal, you will be prompted to complete a  tax organizer related to the type of tax return you will be filing. This Tax Organizer will correspond to the type of return you selected to file when you created your portal account.

Get ready to file your taxes now through our secure client portal.

We will also get notified that you activated your Client Portal on our end and we will send over a couple of important documents we need you to sign, such as our company's Disclosure and Letter of Engagement. Once you get those two documents, all you have to do is electronically sign and date them and the portal does the rest of the work, automatically sending the docs back to us.

Helpful Tax Prep Checklist

Also check out this Personal & Small Business Tax Prep Checklist. This checklist is a guide to help you gather important information you will need to complete your tax organizer(s). There is no need to send this back to us and you may keep it for your records.

The Following Documents Are Vital To Preparing Your Tax Return

Please note, no matter your tax status and/or situation, you must complete the following documents through your Client Portal:

  • Disclosure

  • Letter of Engagement

  • Tax Organizer related to your tax filing status (ex. Personal, Corporation, Partnership, Multi-Member LLC, etc.)

  • Profit & Loss Business Worksheet (if applicable to the type of return you are filing)

If there have been any changes and you need an additional tax organizer related to your specific tax situation, other than the one you selected when you created your account to access the Client Portal, please let us know so we can add it/them for you as soon as possible.

Securely Send Your Supporting Documents Through The Client Portal

To send your W2s and other tax documents such as 1099-NEC, photos of your driver's license and social security cards etc. you will need to upload those files through the Client Portal. This can be done through the messaging feature - simply click on the paperclip icon once you're in the message area to upload scans or photos of your supporting documents. Please do not email any sensitive and personal information. Only use your Client Portal to securely send your documents to us.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to helping you this tax season.