Train Your Tax Preparers Virtually

Tax Business owners your tax business is your livelihood, and your legacy

builder so why would you leave it wide open to IRS Preparer Penalties?


The tax business industry is highly competitive, and you want the edge on the

market so trained, knowledgeable, legal, ethical and compliant tax preparers is

only an enhancement to your business. It’s hard to find reliable, reputable tax

preparers so why not train your own?  

Our 6 Hour Tax Preparer Training was created to help tax businesses train their

onsite or remote tax preparers how to prepare tax returns legally, ethically, and

compliantly. Our training includes:

  • Tax School (18 Hour Online IRS Approved) 

  • IRS Due Diligence Training 

  • Bank Compliance Training 

  • Tax Software Training 

  • How To Detect Tax Fraud 


What Are You Waiting For? Sign Your Tax Preparers Up for Training Now

Click on the "Register Now" button below to sign up for three (3) two (2) hour training sessions held every Saturday in August:

  • Saturday August 7    11 AM - 12 PM EST

  • Saturday August 14  11 AM - 12 PM EST

  • Saturday August 21  11 AM - 12 PM EST

  • Saturday August 28  11 AM - 12 PM EST

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