So you want to go into the tax business? You have probably heard how much money you can potentially make, that it's easy money and you only work a few months out of the year.


There is some truth to those statements but in my New Tax Business Training you will learn the facts about the tax industry and discover what you need to open, operate and stay in the industry as long as you'd like. No fluff, no frills - just the real deal.


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OK seriously ... this one is a no brainer! I mean who wouldn't want to run their own tax business on their own terms?


You get to wake up when you want, travel during tax season, have clients across the USA, and not be confined to the high overhead of a brick and mortar tax business.


COVID changed a lot of things for a lot of business and either they had to pivot or they had to close shop. This has changed the dynamic of the tax business and even the big boys in the industry have a remote option. And you can get one too. 

Please note, this training was designed with the current Tax Business owner in mind, therefore no basic tax preparation or tax business operation training will be provided.


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If you have been in the tax industry over the past few years, you can't ignore the changes in regards to operating a legal, ethical, compliant tax business.


The new tax laws alone can have you pulling your hair out. I have over 36 years of experience so during this training, you get to tap into my expertise and learn how to build a successful tax business for yourself.


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As a Tax Business owner, your tax business is your livelihood and your legacy builder. So why would you leave it wide open to IRS Preparer Penalties?


The tax business industry is highly competitive, and you want the edge on the market so trained, knowledgeable, legal, ethical and compliant tax preparers is only an enhancement to your business.


It’s hard to find reliable, reputable tax preparers so why not provide training for your own? Well, you can with our Tax Preparer training.


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